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Plagued: The Ironville Zombie Quarantine Retraction Experiment

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Title: Plagued: The Ironville Zombie Quarantine Retraction Experiment
Author: Better Hero Army
Series: Plagued States of America (Book #3)
Genre: Horror
Length: 300 pages
Published: 2014
Publisher: Better Hero Army
Brief Synopsis: (Taken from Goodreads) When a helicopter carrying presidential hopeful Senator William Jefferson crashes in the Quarantine Zone, zombie half-breed Penelope Hope is enlisted into the most unorthodox rescue team ever assembled for a mission to save the very man leading the effort to wipe out her kind from the Plagued States of America...

With the recent destruction of Biter's Hill and Biter's Island, the last remaining sanctuary for uninfected humans inside the quarantine zone stands alone against the seemingly endless zombie horde. Tom and Penelope, survivors of the destruction at Biter's Hill, have taken up residence inside the Elevated Platform Station at Biter's Bend in the hopes of rehabilitating Penelope from her half-breed zombie past. Their plans of a normal life are put on hold, however, when Army Ranger Mason Jones arrives seeking asylum from the very man rallying against him, Tom's own father. When Tom's father's helicopter crashes deep inside the quarantine zone, Tom and Penelope enlist Mason Jones and other survivors of Biter's Island on a mission to rescue him.

In this action-packed installment of the critically acclaimed Plagued States of America series, zombie half-breed Penelope Hope returns to join forces with Army Ranger Mason Jones for another edge-of-your-seat thrill ride.

My Review:
I give this book a 5 out of 5. 

I received a free ARC copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review. 

This time the story is seen mostly through Penelope's eyes. If you remember, Penelope is the half-breed that Tom Jefferson came across in the first book. The beginning of the story is marked by Tom's father's helicopter (en route to Midamerica) crashing. With him is Dr. Kennedy, a couple of "handlers" (bodyguards), and a reporter, who does not survive the crash. Due to the storm, no one can fly anything to rescue the Senator and his team. Tom knows his father went out there to find his sister. So he gathers a team, consisting of Penelope, Hank, Mason Jones, and Dr. O'Farrell, and heads out on a train driven by the Zombie Pin-Up King, Houston. 

A lot of the story is getting to Midamerica, and the rescue of his father and the others. While at the airstrip, Tom and the others learn that there are way more half-breeds than there should be, and that his father and Dr. Kennedy were involved in something far more dangerous than they guessed. 

The story was action-packed and ended in a way that could lead to a fourth novel, while still definitely allowing closure on the story as a whole. I would not be sad to see another novel in this series, as I grew to love the characters, especially Penelope. 

You can purchase Plagued: The Ironville Zombie Quarantine Retraction Experiment through Amazon in hard copy or Kindle format. 

Have you read Plagued: The Ironville Zombie Quarantine Retraction ExperimentIf so, leave a comment and let me know your thoughts! 

Please note: I was not compensated in any way for this review. It is strictly my opinion.

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